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a set of cake loving twins and a van called Beyoncé.

We love making people happy with food. As kids we used to run a play restaurant called ‘Maki’ and would get our parents to part with actual money for things like smoked cheese on toast and a special delicacy consisting of philadelphia and raisins on toast. We considered ourselves so in demand we took bookings for tables. So it started at a young age.

Kern is both short for ‘Kernow’, the Cornish name for Cornwall, and a German word meaning nucleus, the centre of something, the core. We were born in Germany and although haven’t lived there since we were 10, still love the country and doff our caps to pretty much everything the clever Germans come up with, especially their sweet treats. We wanted our German roots to be represented in our new food venture, and so not only is the name a nod to this but the treats on offer are German bakery inspired. Kris realised she could create a bloody good bundt cake when she had to make 100 of them for Maren’s wedding - and where else can you prove your baking skills than at your twin sister's wedding. And prove it she did.

We believe in GOOD home made cake, GOOD coffee and great tea. The fact we can fuse our love of Cornwall, cake and coffee inside a 70s van makes us very happy and we hope we can brighten your day and taste buds too. We both live a healthy life despite Kris’s ongoing dance with the nuisance that is cancer, but we both believe in treats and balance. Our baked delights will be of the sweet and savoury variety and there are vegan and gluten free options available too.

Whether you have cycled your bike along the camel trail, just shredded up some waves in the sea or taking your dog for a walk, we want to be the conveniently placed cake and coffee truck you simply can’t just walk past. Hopefully our offerings will be enticing enough, and our coffee strong enough to waft into your nostrils to make you stop and enjoy a slice of Kern heaven.



Find us at various events, farmers markets and pitches throughout Cornwall.

Our location may vary throughout the year so to get the most up to date information, follow us on instagram or email us -

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Her name is Beyoncé, she's French and boy is she old. She used to be a farm vehicle, transporting veg to market until a chap bought her, turned her into a catering vehicle in Surrey and sold her to us so she could spend the rest of her days in Cornwall. She's now owned by two people who know absolutely nothing about mechanics, but know a good looking vehicle when they see one.  When she runs, she roars and she is raring to help us make a lot of people happy. Our plan is to make her brighten up not just a cycle trail or coast line, but your event too.



Fancy treating someone special in your life to a box of baked treats? We can make bundt cakes for your wedding, birthday party, cat’s christening, housewarming, corporate event or just to show someone how much they mean to you. To get this cake ball rolling, just enter your details below with as much information as you can.

Please note, we only deliver in Cornwall at the moment and delivery is charged per mile.


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If you’re looking to give your guests or visitors to your event or celebration a taste of German magic with a side order of smiles and banter then we’re your girls. We can cater any event and are pretty self sufficient. And if you’re looking for more cheeky offerings like cocktails, we can certainly make that happen too. Get in touch and let’s chat!